Tribert Rujugiro and Yoweri Museveni, David Himbara’s sponsor, should deal with their international sanctions.

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist mouthpiece, is afflicted with illusions of grandeur and mirroring his sponsors’ issues on Rwanda. Reading his post, one would think that he is capable of imposing US sanctions. He quotes and invokes the US Global Magnitsky Act as if he is able –together with his click of hostile organizations– to enact the act. Tribert Rujugiro and Yoweri Museveni, who actively sponsor Himbara, are the ones that should worry about US and international sanctions.

The US and the international community punish human rights violators, terrorists, genocidaires and their supporters. Rujugiro is named in almost every UN expert report on arms trafficking, supporting terrorist militia in DRC and always point out as the chief financer of the terror group RNC, he finds himself on UN sanction lists. Museveni shares all the negative attributes of Rujugiro, his co-sponsor of violent militia in DRC, but adds human rights violation to his list of crimes. The US and the EU already hold sanctions on a number of Museveni’s officials for brutally repressing Ugandans. Their mouthpiece Himbara false claims on Rwanda will not make real sanctions on Museveni and Himbara go away.

His “folly of grandeur” goes further that pretending sanctions are about to be imposed on Rwanda. David Himbara actually believed he could cleanse a Genocidaire by making an appearance in an appeal case. In May 2019, he taught he would waltz in, tell the judge in Sweden that Theodore Rukeratabaro was innocent and that the convicted Genocidaire would be set free. Himbara’s failed defense of a Genocidaire literally ended in tears. Below is a transcript.

Judge: Mr Himbara, were you at Cyangugu during the time of Genocide?
Himbara: No
Judge: Were you in Rwanda during the time of Genocide?
Himbara: No
Judge: Do you know Rukeratabaro?
Himbara: No I don’t know him…….

Judge: Why do you want to defend him?

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