RNC mouthpiece Himbara taking the US government for fools while RNC-linked terrorists continue to wreak havoc in DRC

David Himbara the RNC propagandist who constantly tries to sabotage Rwanda with misinformation and lies as he moans for the release of terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina is now yelling at the US with more anti-Rwanda smears. One gets the impression Himbara thinks the US is an RNC godfather, or something!

The terror mouthpiece claims that “President Paul Kagame may soon sing a different tune if the US places the Global Magnitsky sanctions are applied to Rwanda.” This fellow in another life would be a colonialist’s dream. Himbara is that pathetic. Rusesabagina is a Rwandan national, that perpetrated terrorist acts against Rwandans, and he is in custody for that. What does this tool Himbara think any country can do about that?

He is impressed with his fatuous claims that “Rusesabagina was abducted” (echoing the terror suspect’s propagandists) and seems to think that will make a difference. In fact Himbara better worry about the lengthy criminal record of the RNC terrorists of which he is a mouthpiece. His involvement with this group will come to haunt him!

The group continues to wreak havoc in Rutshuru territory in North Kivu and those who are responsible for funding, supporting, and leading it, the likes of Kayumba Nyamwasa and others are the ones that will be haunted by international law enforcement, such as Interpol red notices. Himbara better get very worried about the meaning of this personally to himself.

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