RNC propagandist David Himbara takes the International Olympic Committee for fools

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) set up a vaccination hub in Kigali to get as many athletes inoculated against coronavirus as possible ahead of this year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games. The online propagandist for the RNC Terrorist organization David Himbara is fuming with false claims that the government of Rwanda can’t have the infrastructure and human capital capabilities to provide that service, a ridiculous argument.

Himbara absurdly claims that Rwanda is “just boasting” of having world-class infrastructure and the human resource capacity for Covid19 vaccination. But the Olympic Solidarity Director James Macleod said that: “The progress in the preparation of work on the ground has been outstanding.” So whom should the world believe; Himbara a terror group mouthpiece, or an authority on affairs of the Olympics like Macleod?

In his fatuous propaganda, Himbara also fails to mention that Rwanda was chosen by IOC after enhancing its cold-chain supply system which can store about 300 000 vaccine doses thanks to five new ultra-cold refrigerators. In truth, Himbara is only frustrated that of the many places in the world, the IOC trusted Rwanda as a vaccination hub for athletes attending the Tokyo 2020.

It so eats him that Rwanda keeps notching up all these victories despite all efforts of negativists like him to tarnish its image. He better brace himself: Rwanda will achieve even more!

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