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The past catching up with Tribert Rujugiro as Himbara lie howling that it’s all very unfair

David Himbara, the odious smear-monger for the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a nasty terrorist organization running a militia outfit called P5 in eastern DR Congo, with funds from illicit proceeds by Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, claim preposterously that his boss Rujugiro continues to be illegally prosecuted by the Rwandan government.

For starters, on what grounds does Himbara conceivably claim that while ignoring Rujugiro’s disgusting track record where he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and fraud before a South African court in 2009 and was fined $3.7 million? On the face of it, he also faced Burundian authorities for financial crimes, including money laundering, smuggling, and tax evasion.

Additionally, Rujugiro was also in 2008 arrested in the UK over tax evasion cases while being wanted on the same charge in South Africa with his cigarette factory. He was later released after paying a $7.1m (£4.6m) fine to the UK tax authority. Himbara’s self-pitying pretense, claiming that for a man with such records to have a new case is for Rwanda to save face is vomit-inducing.

Suffice to say that Himbara and Rujugiro are also both devoted members of a terrorist group (RNC), which continues to rape, murder, and enslave innocent men, women, and children in eastern DRC.

Nevertheless, Himbara should know that Rwanda is a country where the rule of law is sacrosanct and his boss Rujugiro will one day answer for all the cases against him, including fraud and tax evasion as he did in many of the previous ones.

Himbara’s unsubstantiated allegations will not save Rujugiro from his past wrongdoings.

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