RNC propagandist Himbara support for Rusesabagina: a terrorist liar cleansing another terrorist liar

Caught red-handed committing perjury for a convicted Genocidaire in Sweden, the RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara is twisting his back to camouflage his alliance with genocidal forces. He opts to offer a book review by another criminal, Paul Rusesabagina, who openly called for violence and was also caught lying to a British court to save a genocidaire. Himbara, in a nutshell, thinks two terrorists and genocidaire collaborators can whitewash each other by forcefully imposing a suspended disbelief. Himbara failed to cleanse Rukeratabaro in Sweden, and any imaginary heroism by Rusesabagina is dismissible by his post-1994 actions.

While reviewing of the Rusesabagina autobiography, “An Ordinary Man”, Himbara skips crucial information about the author; an autobiography is linked to the history of its author otherwise Hitler’s Mein Kampf would be considered as a source on World War 1’s history. The trickery lies in the simplification of Rusesabagina’s curriculum vitae, Himbara hides that his Hollywood Hero actually worked as an informant for the genocidal regime’s intelligence services. CNLG (The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide), published a factual review on the evacuation of Hotel Mille Colline that contained vital information about the Rusesabagina heroism fallacy. The document even contained correspondence between Rusesabagina and the genocidal regime intelligence, he was actively informing on the people he pretended to rescue to Hollywood. In reality, he charged people to stay at a safe hotel, protected by others, and anyone who failed to pay was simply booted-out to face genocidaires.

Just as a judge in Sweden saw right through Himbara’s attempt to defend genocidaire Rukeratabaro on appeal with perjury – lying to a court – Rusesabagina did the same in a British court on April 3, 2008. He was classified as a liar by a British Magistrate who said “His [Rusesabagina] evidence is that of an implacable opponent of the regime and cannot in any way be regarded as that of an expert.”

In short, a known terrorist propagandist like David Himbara cannot defend of a terror-suspect and proven liar like Rusesabagina. As for the book “An ordinary Man”, an autobiography based on lies and propaganda serves nothing but indoctrination. Hitler too had a book.

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