Just In: RDF thwarts Rusesabagina’s militia attack, kills two of the attackers

Dozens of Paul Rusesabagina’s FLN terrorists on Sunday night crossed River Ruhwa from Burundi to Rwanda in an attack that the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) repulsed successfully, the army has confirmed in a statement.

The incident lasted for about 20 minutes from 09:15 p.m, and RDF revealed that the attackers were indeed FLN assailants who sneaked from Giturashyamba in Mabayi commune of Burundi to enter approximately 100 meters inside Rwanda territory in Bweyeye, Nyamuzi cell, Rwamisave village from the South-West of the country.

RDF, was, however, quick to intercept the attackers through an ambush, “Two (2) assailants were immediately killed, and equipment captured including one (1) submachine gun, seven (7) magazines, one (1) tortoise grenade, one (1) antennae of a Motorola radio, and two (2) Burundi National Defence Force army uniforms” the statement reads in part.

“The enemy assailants retreated to Burundi across River Ruhwa separating Ruhororo zone in Mabayi commune in Burundi and Bweyeye sector in Rwanda and returned to Kibira Forest where they have bases,” the statement adds.

It is worth mentioning that since July 2018 there was a series of deadly attacks by FLN terrorists that claimed the lives of at least nine unarmed Rwandans in southern and western parts of the country while the very same terrorists burned dozens of cars and looted scores of properties by the residents.

Rusesabagina, later on, admitted the responsibility of the terror attacks through a videotaped statement in which he pledged his “unreserved support” for the FLN and called for “any means possible to bring about change in Rwanda.”

The fact that FLN’s commander-in-chief, Rusesabagina, and most of the terror top leaders are currently in the dock and attacks by the group’s remnants are being foiled is a clear indication that “the cost of destabilizing our security will be very high,” as President Kagame once warned!

Whoever believes in destabilizing Rwanda’s security should get ready to pay the price!

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