RNC terror group wreaking havoc in DRC as their propagandist and Museveni stooge, David Himbara, rants about Rwanda-DRC relations

From the moment relations between Rwanda and DRC started taking an upward trajectory, after DRC President Félix Tshisekedi came into office at the beginning of 2019, Rwanda National Congress (RNC) has unleashed its most vicious propagandist, David Himbara, to pit President Kagame against President Tshisekedi.

Let’s remember, there is a militia group (P5) linked to Himbara’s group, RNC, in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as indicated by the December 2018 UN report. On top of that, Rwandan leaders have in the recent past cited Himbara’s RNC in activities designed to destabilize the country’s security with FDLR, another DR Congo-based Rwandan armed group linked to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, which claimed the lives of over a million people.

Better yet, the fact that Himbara is flung together with all these militias bent to destabilize DRC and Rwanda explains why in his latest mind-numbing disinformation, he claims that Tshisekedi has sharply rebuked President Kagame by supporting the UN Mapping Report, a report which was never endorsed by either the UN or DRC officials, including Tshisekedi himself.  

Moving on to a much bigger pack of prevarications, RNC propagandist Himbara cites the efforts of Rwanda and DRC in uprooting some of the destabilizing groups in eastern DRC, including Himbara’s RNC rebel umbrella P5 as a Kagame/Tshisekedi bromance.  

Himbara and his RNC will continue to hide the facts when it comes to Rwanda and DRC’s effort to dismantle armed groups including P5, working in the North and South Kivu areas.

It is now very likely that as much as Himbara, RNC, and their DRC-based P5 wish it were not so, the facts indicate that the security problems in Eastern DRC, caused by their rebel groups, will be addressed sooner than later.

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