RNC Mouthpiece latest rant shows his masters are chocking on the improved France and Rwanda relations

David Himbara is scratching his head, desperate to find a way to sabotage the rapprochement between France and Rwanda. His network of RNC terrorists and genocaidaires in the “P5” alliance perceive the rapprochement as an existential threat. As their chief propagandist, Himbara is tasked with badmouthing or undermining the move to normalize diplomatic relations between Kigali and Paris with his usual smears online. The RNC mouthpiece comes up with some wild conspiracy theory to do with France and Rwanda’s friendship as having “something to do” with Mozambique and it’s deal with French oil giant Total.

Himbara’s conspiracy is an insult to anyone with a mental capacity above that of a toddler. In a nutshell, he wants his readers to believe that France needs Rwanda to fight for a French company’s gas interest in Mozambique. Yet in collaboration with Charles Kambanda, another mouthpiece who shares a number of sponsors with Himbara, he claimed that the Mozambican President was sent to Rwandan to deliver a special message from the US! They claimed that the US warned Rwanda about supporting Islamic terrorist militias in Mozambique. So which is it?

Is Himbara saying Rwanda will fight terrorism on behalf of a French company? Or is his fellow propagandist’s Kambanda US fallacy what their audience should believe? They are just laughable, they can’t even coordinate their lies.

In an earlier post Himbara “analyzed” the Franco-Rwanda rapprochement as follows, “Kagame has been courting France in recent years, as his supporters in the US and the UK have increasingly sidelined him.” Now he talks of a rescue operation amounting to US$ 20 Billion in investments. His arguments simply make no sense to anyone with basic logic. Does he mean France or Mozambique cannot protect their interests, or that Rwanda is the best in fighting terrorism? For example, recently, Uganda signed a massive deal with Total. So why would Total not ask Uganda for help?

The danger of sponsoring a drug junkie like Himbara is that he is inherently unstable (which is good because it exposes the liars continuously). Himbara’s latest post shows how shallow and half-baked his propaganda has become.

What his latest piece demonstrates is that improved relations between Kigali and Paris is panicking his masters, and his terrorists allies.

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