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RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara Recycles his Xenophobic attack to Advance the RNC terrorist Organization Agenda.

Himbara is trying out racism after his incitement along clan, region and tribal lines fail to yield results for his RNC propaganda. The online mouthpiece obviously sponsored to smear the Rwandan Head of State, has tried every trick and insult, and failed. He is now attacking using xenophobia.

In a country with a civil service with thousands of members, Himbara picks on seven appointees simply because they are Europeans. But which country worth being called serious has ever failed to import expertise? Himbara is just not serious.

The Rwandan model where competence matters more than family, clan, tribe, or race is a model that has defeated Himbara’s foreign-sponsored RNC terrorist militia. On the other hand Himbara, and a host of disgraced former civilian and military officials set up RNC with only state capture in mind – nothing more principled than that.

They launched their terrorist militia in an attempt to get reinstated and install an oligarchy of thieves and masterminds of corruption, like their sponsor in Kampala. They failed miserably. They were no match for the Rwandan model of competence and transparency.

Himbara and his co-propagandists are just specialists in sour-graping, always inventing grievances. He can just sit tight and watch as Rwanda scales new heights

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