RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara furious as Rwanda marks new milestone in its health sector

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara is peddling more false-prophecies on Rwanda’s aspiration to become a destination for medical tourism. Old man Himbara, drug addled but still in need of his paycheque from Tribert Rujugiro, went into misinformation overdrive upon hearing Rwanda’s plans to encourage medical tourism and to build the first mRNA vaccine plant in Africa.

Making up stuff as usual, the RNC mouthpiece claims that “Rwanda can’t be a medical tourism hub due to lack of doctors and health facilities.” Himbara has not stepped in Rwanda for years, how can he know this? Hard data-based facts prove the contrary to his claims. Rwanda’s health sector is improving at record breaking speed.

The doctor per population ratio in Rwanda improved from 1 doctor/16,001 people in 2010 to 1/8,919 in 2018. The numbers of Rwandan specialists increased from 94 in 2009 to 436 in 2018, nurses per population ratio improved from 1 nurse/1,291 people in 2010 to 1/1,094 in 2017, and midwife per population ratio improved dramatically from 1 midwife /66,749 people in 2010 to 1/4,064 in 2017. This are irrefutable facts.

Himbara the shameless propagandist deliberately misleads, avoiding mention of how innovative policies attract external private investment, leverage technology and “leapfrog” development. These have always been at the center of Rwanda’s efforts to strengthen its health system, and they are paying off. Despite his propaganda, Rwanda continues to innovate with technology like use of drones for blood delivery, privately run health clinics for routine service delivery in rural areas, and artificial intelligence in diagnostics, robots to assist in the fight against Covid-19.

Himbara’s propaganda cannot overshadow the success of the Rwandan government in the health sector. His lies and fabrications will not stop Rwanda’s progress and development.

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