Imagine despot Museveni trolls ranting about corruption and land grabbing, just imagine!

Museveni hired dimwits to do his propaganda, but they don’t get it. The goons at CMI headquarter in Mbuya or those at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), like Obed Katureebe alias RPF Gakwerere, the senior among the Banyampi, have zero thinking when it comes to propaganda.

They are just inept like their cancer-stricken, arm-rotting dictator, and the misleader of the Matooke Republic. If they cared enough, there are subjects they should never try to delve into, to avoid embarrassing their paymaster despot Museveni. Things to do with repression, violence, lies, corruption, abduction, or land grabbing, that is a no-go area. The whole world knows the bloody dictator is the champion in those fields and we can’t wait for the day he will pay wholesomely for it.

To see the cold-blooded murderer’s trolls ranting about land-grabbing in Rwanda is just laughable. Because not only does Uganda, far from marching Rwanda’s standards in fighting corruption, senile Museveni and his clique are well-known local and international thugs. Even a toddler in Uganda would agree with that fact.

If one would talk of land grabbing, for instance, not forgetting the saga at Kisozi ranch where the despot and the deceitful leader of the banana republic have been on a land-grabbing splurge. With the support of his side chic Lt. Col Edith Nakalema a.k.a Kasolo Kawooma, they arrested Peter Segane and Jimmy Ssuna, among others, after forcibly attaching their land for Museveni to raise his stolen cows, should we talk about that?

Dear myopic and dimwitted trolls, I hope you remember the same case that happened in Kigezi where the land, 3 square miles, formerly owned by Lawrence Yigga, among other landlords, was expanded to 20 square miles by Mafia Museveni through land grabbing. He used crook brokers to divert NRA production funds which were earmarked to pay thousands of ghost soldiers.

Let me not waste calories talking about how Lucifer is the devil.

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