Anti-Rwanda smears show the desperation levels in Kampala

Whenever the Ugandan regime is pinned down on facts that it is involved in attempts to destabilize Rwanda, they jointly mobilize false defenses with their anti-Rwanda terrorist allies. Now they are piling onto the words of the Rwandan head of state over the past weekend, when he factually pointed out that he doesn’t understand why the Ugandan regime chose enmity against Rwanda other than good neighborliness. There is no disputing the fact the Museveni regime over the past several years has been in bed with several terrorist actors with the common goal of destabilizing Rwanda.

Museveni and his terrorist friends failed miserably of course. That partly explains the venom of his propaganda trolls. And that of the propaganda trolls of his proxy terrorist groups.

This time, the attacks are led by RNC chief mouthpiece David Himbara. His principle lie this time is that “Kagame is beating the drums of war against Uganda!” If there were a prize for shamelessness, Himbara would win it every year! The Rwandan leader told the patron of Himbara and RNC and all his terrorist friends that Rwanda is very well protected against their malevolent schemes. (That has always been apparent anyway). But Himbara tries to spin this to mean “war drums?” So laughable.

Of course Himbara’s distortions and lies were quickly relayed by allied CMI outlets like CommandOnePost.

Their propaganda will not succeed in obscuring the truth however. The UN and other regional organizations know of Kampala’s workings with terrorist militias. Even the terrorist militias themselves (those that have been captured or arrested) have said so in courtrooms. Museveni himself has been self-incriminating when in March 2019 he admitted to meeting senior representatives of RNC, such as Charlotte Mukankusi in Entebbe State House.

RNC’s defending of the Ugandan regime is like Al-Qaeda defending the Taliban. It is both clumsy and futile, only further confirming Museveni’s backing of the terror outfit. For example, Instantly the moment Himbara posted his “war drums” distortions of the Rwandan leader’s words, it was taken up word for word by Commandonepost — one of the numerous outlets of propaganda sponsored by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

The unholy alliance also further revealed it’s head on Facebook, with anti-Rwanda smear specialist Obed Katureebe aka “RPF Gakwerere”reproducing the “war drum” lie.

They are so easy to see through!

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