RNC troll Himbara fakes medical expertise to smear Rwandan leadership

David Himbara the cocaine-sniffing chief mouthpiece of the Rwanda National Congress terrorist group is now trying “to give medical advice” to Rwanda – the very target of RNC. This is a group that began its terror campaign with a series of grenade attacks on civilian targets – bus stops, markets, and other open spaces – killing 17 people and maiming over 400.

So how does Himbara, a card-carrying member of such a group, begin to pretend that he cares about COVID-19 in Rwanda? Through shameless hypocrisy, that’s how. Himbara will write anything at the slightest opportunity to smear the Rwandan Head of State. But Rwanda was one of the very countries to secure COVID-19 vaccines, testing kits, and therapeutics. But Himbara is yapping that graduating cadet class members of the RDF parading maskless is “spreading Covid”!

Himbara’s problem in all his constant lying is his arrogant, patronizing assumption that his readers are so stupid they will swallow every lie he spews! People know Rwanda has vaccinated a good percentage of its citizens by now. So, cadets parading maskless in a controlled environment is nothing strange. Rwanda is leading in the response against the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is paying dividends.

Everyone knows this, but Himbara, ever the clown, thinks his readers do not. Rwanda has vaccinated frontline workers (doctors, members of security forces, teachers, civil servants and so on and so on). Rwanda has vaccinated even prisoners.

Probably in this case Himbara’s propagandist ire has been provoked by the sight of so many young cadets swearing to defend Rwanda against terrorists like him and his buddies Nyamwasa and others. In that case he better be prepared to suffer his bile for a much longer period to come!

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