Senile Museveni covering his trails, pays Serubwa to blame Kaweesi’s assassination on Rwanda

Investigations into the assassination of former Uganda Police spokesman AIGP Andrew Kaweesi have never gotten anywhere because dictator Museveni didn’t want details to come up. The reason is simple: any half baked investigation would implicate the dictator as the one who ordered the hit on Kaweesi, in the morning hours of 13 March 2017. No matter how hard he tries, Museveni can’t hoodwink Ugandans by unleashing his midget propagandist Serubwa to blame it on Rwanda.

In fact, time and again, we have seen evidence of Museveni recusing himself from the death of the late Kaweesi yet not a single person has been held accountable or punished in connection with his death.

What Serubwa refuses to mention is that Museveni (indirectly) admitted that he killed Kaweesi by referring to him as “the weevil” he was uprooting in the police. Actually, in one of his February speeches, Museveni referred to the manner in which Kaweesi was assassinated as “shallow” – implying it was not done the way he wanted and they assassins left evidence that linked the crime to Senile Museveni.

Assassins of the Special Forces Command operating on Museveni’s orders carried out the hit and run execution and raced away on their motorcycle. Not only did they kill Kaweesi, they also executed his driver and his bodyguard, in the usual heartless manner of Museveni security thugs.

After killing Kaweesi, Museveni ordered Kaka Bagyenda, the director of Internal Security Organization (ISO) at the time, David Muhoozi of CDF, and Abel Kandiho, Director of CMI to start hunting down anybody who said they had evidence against Kaweesi’s murderers. Even his wife could not trust the police, as people were picked up and never reached the police stations.

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence itself went ahead to arrest innocent Ugandans and Muslims, by planting fake evidence in their houses. That was how Kaweesi’s murder that had two armed shooters ended with 92 arrested. All these arrests were merely to hoodwink the public.

The dictator is responsible, and one day will be made answerable.

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