Shameless Himbara attacks damning report of his genocidaire allies crimes

David Himbara the terrorist RNC group’s mouthpiece is unhappy that Rwanda-France relations are improving. While both countries are studying carefully the role of the Mitterrand administration in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, Himbara and his RNC group is busy searching for an alliance with Genocidaires by defending them.

In his world of terrorist and genocidaire militias, two reports sent a shockwaves signaling a rapprochement that threatens their network. The “Durclet” and “Muse” reports focused on the role of the then French government and their alliance with the Habyarimana genocidal regime. He focused on the French commissioned Durclet report that acknowledged Mitterrand’s administration failures in Rwanda. The positive step will also open more sources that may lead to arrests of fugitives and collaborators of the Habyarimana regime. For Himbara and RNC, the report therefore targets their allies in the P5 alliance as a number of fugitives still hiding in France using denialism and propaganda to whitewash their international crimes.

It is specifically to whitewash Genocidaire fugitives and convicts that Himbara travelled from Toronto to Sweden in 2019. He went to defend Theodore Rukeratabaro, convicted of genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, for his appeal in a Swedish court. The cocaine addict propagandist assumed that he would fool the court to release Rukeratabora with a phony argument that witnesses were coached. A desperate Himbara even shed crocodile tears, insisting that Rukeratabaro was a “political” opponent. What he failed to realize was that the Swedish court had sent investigators on the ground, they had convicted Rukeratabaro on solid grounds and his appeal was rejected.

For political expediency, RNC actively engages in genocide denialism. They do so because they are now partners with genocidal forces. The Durclert report that Himbara viciously attacks is a step forward in the search for justice, with many more to follow. But, just like in the Rukeratabaro case, the Genocidaire will rely on Himbara’s help.

What a travesty!

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