Desperate CMI goon Katurebe restless, the more he yaps about Rwanda, the more he exposes the dirt in his sponsor’s house

Anti-Rwanda propaganda troll Obed Katureebe (he calls himself RpF Gakwerere on Facebook) seems to have been hit where it hurts when he read a well-researched story about Adeline Rwigara and how she has been close to a leader of the deposed genocidal regime of former ruler Juvenal Habyarimana. The CMI-sponsored goon reacted with several concoctions against the Rwandan leadership, to no one’s surprise.

One felt the urge to remind munyampi Katureebe of the hurtful truth about the estranged wife of his sponsor, the epileptic Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi Museveni. Born Janet Kataha in a very destitute family in Ntungamo, the stupid but pompous Muhima woman was talented in “giving the goids” to different men to sustain a life in Kampala and outside of it. Maybe CMI propaganda thug Katureebe needs to be told that the epileptic Kataha while at Bweranyange Girls School in Mbarara like all stupid, ignorant and arrogant, pretentious Bahima girls, never took her studies seriously.

Instead back at school, she had enslaved a group of Bakiga girls to do every other work on her behalf as she romped with Mbarara businessmen every evening. Even when she got admitted at university – under mysterious circumstances, because it was never on merit – she hired another Mukiga called Molly Asiimwe to do everything for her, including sitting her exams. In return she promised Molly connections with some Bahima men in hope that she would get a part-time job in Kampala. It never was the case.

Should one tell Katureebe that despot Museveni’s first wife (and the real mother of his drunkard son Muhozi Kainerugaba) was Hope Rwaheru a beautiful Mutoro woman that Kataha finished off in a fit of jealousy? Also it is known that Janet Kataha was in Sweden as a refugee and allegedly married to Museveni (Because they never married legally until recently) she cohabitated with Makumbi when Museveni was loitering around in East Africa. In the process she procured three abortions for fear of being caught. Rumor has it that things got worse until one of her ovaries was removed.

Thus, the CMI Munyampi Katureebe should cry till he can’t breath. Little do we care! The truth about senile Museveni’s terrible family can’t be buried. And like they say, truth is bitter.

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