Delusional CMI troll “RPF Gakwerere” deludes himself that he can influence policy in Rwanda

In his latest rants, the anti-Rwanda propaganda troll Obed Katureebe aka “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” on Facebook makes a laughable insinuation that his Facebook falsehoods somehow “influence” police actions in Rwanda. The CMI-bankrolled troll (who is based at the Uganda Communication Commission) is highly delusional.

Desperate to be seen to be doing something, Katureebe has been posting just about anything, even when its clear he has run out of bullshit to post. He lies that he has “insiders” that “feed” him classified information from Rwanda.” The truth is that he only regurgitates lazy, speculative nonsense from the radios run by genocidaires and genocide revisionists from western capitals. That is the reason he is in the habit of “won’t mention names” or to “carry forward” information for another day, which never comes.

It is rather his senile boss, despot Museveni whose government is living on borrowed time. The world is all eyes on the regime’s numerous crimes against humanity. The Rwakitura Mafia will end up in ICC.

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