CMI-sponsored troll projects witchcraft upon Rwanda, but Museveni’s obsession with sorcery is public knowledge

Worn out dictator Museveni started practicing witchcraft over half a century ago while he was living in Tanzania as a student. He is said to have traversed every province to consult witchdoctors for issues as trivial as a simple headache, love potion (he was despised by young girls), success at school, etc.

But alas! Look who is talking about people who “consult witch doctors and soothsayers!” Of all people it is CMI goon Obed Katureebe who goes by the alias “RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook. This anti-Rwanda propaganda troll whose senile and paranoid hand rotting patron swears by witchdoctors dares project Museveni’s behavior upon Rwanda!

If there is a subject Museveni should advise his anti-Rwanda trolls to avoid like the plague in their projection games, the keywords should be: poison, witchcraft, assassination, kidnap and torture! These are things senile Museveni has claimed exclusive intellectual property rights for.

It is no secret that the senile ruler of Matooke Republic has several high profile witchdoctors on call 24/7. He believes in witchcraft so much that he is said to have a shrine in all state houses and lodges, as well as Rwakitura and Kisozi ranches. The tired dictator’s chief witchdoctor Mama Fina handles most of his consultations and it is said she is a prominent feature around Museveni to the extent that she even has he own car in Museveni’s motorcade whenever he travels.

The poor people of Matooke Republic should know where their tax money goes!

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