Propaganda goon “Rpf Gakwerere” lobs more mud at Rwanda (as the biggest bootlicker of Museveni)

Museveni’s CMI goons and restless Banyampi have always been troubled by Rwanda’s inclusive leadership, for you see they come from a very bizarre society where favoritism, nepotism and divisionism is rife.

When a senior buffoon like Obed Katureebe (Facebook alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere) takes a glimpse at how Rwanda successfully managed to establish politics of unity, inclusivity, and power sharing they get very agitated. They are irked by how a younger leadership spearheaded by President Kagame have managed Rwanda’s affairs in the most harmonious ways. 

The inept leader of the Matooke Republic, despot Museveni long ago made Uganda his personal property, so much so that ministers, MPs, Army officers, and others very repetitively wipe his bottom and glorify him like semi-god, just to stay employed. Such was the case of former ministers like Idah Nantaba or Amelia Kyambade. These people took bloody dictator Museveni like a personal guardian angel, such that they could go as far as crying like babies in front of him simply looking for cheap sympathy. 

But the number one sycophant of course is propaganda goon Obed Katureebe aka RPF Gakwerere! Who can forget how this failed thug is always bootlicking senile Museveni with flowery language such as “visionary”, “ Afande great liberator RO 001”, “fountain of honor”, and other such rubbish! For such praises, sycophant Obed Katureebe, a moron with no other talent but propaganda smears, gets a fat office in UCC, to eat taxpayer money of long suffering Matooke Republic citizens.

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