Rwanda’s international recognition drives despot Museveni’s loser propagandists crazy

Senile Museveni’s banyampi like Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Fati Gakwerere; Sulah Nuwamanya the reckless, deadbeat goon that abandoned his family in Kigali to join terrorism; and Charles Kambanda the sex-for-grades “professor” have discovered a new hobby in Michela Wrong’s book.

The discredited book has made a big part of their idle Facebook postings lately, like a small boy they has found a new hobby horse. They gleefully promote the smears of Michela Wrong, thinking they can bring down Rwanda. Every time Rwanda scores high internationally senile Museveni and his goons drown in anger and embarrassment. Senile Museveni and his cabal are only known for thieving.

Now they are on Louise Mushikiwabo, using Wrong’s book to slander Louise like never before. It is a fact that when Mushikiwabo was soaring high, Sam Kutesa in Uganda was being indicted for mass corruption in New York in a case he was referred to as #Exhibit1514 – together with his thieving boss Museveni “Exhibit 1510”. That has created an extra element of anger in the Matooke Republic.

That’s why the Banyampi are crazily mudslinging Mushikiwabo with moronically concocted stories about “sexual favors”! Louise is a distinguished lady of course and they will do anything to tarnish her, because she represents everything good about Rwanda.

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