Sex obsession in Museveni family is two-way drive; Museveni romps on one side while Kataha does the other

To say that Museveni’s family is sex obsessed would be an understatement. One would have to know the history of three generations of them to come to a conclusion. Just when most women lose taste in sex in their late sixties, one epileptic woman may be written down in history for maintaining her arousal capacity into her seventies. Janet Kataha aka Mwesigwa Makumbi favorite pass time is “riding” young bodyguards in State House, while the old goat is in escapades every night in the capital, bonking any of his hundred-plus mistresses.

So poor Kataha for a long time has had to resort to young, scared bodyguards. But they have no choice. They have “to do the job” on the old nympho.

So, on the one hand Museveni goes from “servicing” concubine after concubine, while young fellers service Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi, and everyone is even! 

One day we will wake up to a story of how senile Museveni and his nympho wife succumbed to seizures out of uncontrollable sexual behavior. 

Stay tuned.

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