CMI Munyampi Obed Katureebe throws stones at people’s house forgetting senile Museveni’s is made of glass

If I was a propagandist working at CMI, I would tread extra carefully every time I wished to smear Rwanda and its leadership.

The specialist in buffoonery called Obed Katureebe (masquerading as “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” on Facebook) had the audacity to abuse Rwanda leaders as having humble background. He forgot that his criminal sponsor, senile Museveni has the lousiest, most destitute background.

Sired from a lunatic and unruly mother, and a miserable father (a pygmy from Tare in Rwanda) who was a mere servant looking for survival, the despotic, deceitful ruler of Uganda later became an immigrant (in Uganda) as a child and was adopted by Boniface Byanyima and his family.

Mzee Byanyima one time described Museveni as “a loner” when he was child. The old man also said Tibuhaburwa was “a very agitated person, elusive, hard to trust and with a lot of inner insecurities.” Obviously the younger Museveni had issues of confidence and was not doing well at school. All these are character traits of a destitute child born from a broken family.

Museveni’s propaganda goons of course wouldn’t inform the world that Museveni has a psychological, deathly fear of one day spiraling back to the same state of abject poverty, and acute depression. The cold-blooded murderer is determined to die in State House, while thugs like Katureebe, his boss skinny, death merchant snake Kandiho, and others dance to the tune.

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