Despot Museveni’s banyampi on succession plans in Rwanda are hopeless self-consolation

Museveni’s most dedicated munyampi, Obed Katureebe aka Robert “Patrick Fati Gakwerere” has always wished the Rwandan leadership falls apart, and be like his senile boss’s regime. Too bad when they attempt to make noise about Rwanda successful political leadership they do so at the expense of mocking Uganda’s despicable and rotten regime that Ugandans hate like hell. The ailing, frail, cancer-rotten Museveni has been leading Uganda like a train wagons without an engine.

Before he became totally senile, Museveni had on several occassions promised Ugandans that he would retire “soon” and that he was “grooming a successor”. However, instead of grooming the pupported successor, the lying thug killed everyone who showed even the slightest signs of being a suitable potential replacement.

35 years later, Ugandans are stuck with him like a chronic wound that has failed to heal. He has made sure the Uganda army remains so only by the flag sewn on their uniforms. The army and intelligence services are his private property, and he orders them to inflict atrocities on innocent Ugandans at will. Matters will never be well in the Matooke Republic with senile Museveni in charge.

The tyrant rushed his son through army ranks, making him a general and also his advisor, so that he can take when he drops dead in office, which is very imminent.

Museveni’s envy and jealous is psychopatic. When he looks at how the Rwanda leadership has succeeded in creating a disciplined army that served the interest of the population instead of the president, his eyes turn red. That is why he pays banyampi like Obed Katureebe to try and make people think everyone else is rotten – to make him feel somehow better.

They forget that all this will have no effect on Rwanda, and will only sink their already leaking ship further.

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