Himbara, Terrorist RNC Mouthpiece, false hopes of a CHOGM cancellation

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, is jubilating that UK updated its so called COVID-19 “red” countries list, and not added Uganda on the list. The red list is a list of countries where passengers are barred from entering the UK with the exception of British Nationals and permanent residents. The measure is part of a series of measures to control COVID-19 infections.

As an RNC propagandist, Himbara’s paychecques are drawn from the terrorist sponsoring Ugandan state but most importantly, he thinks that the CHOGM meeting in Rwanda will be affected. His jubilation is seriously misplaced for two reasons; government officials and diplomats are exempt from the measure and Uganda is not on the list because it represents not significant traffic to UK.

The significance of Uganda in international travel is minute (almost insignificant) and with the current situation, UK citizens are already prohibited from traveling to Uganda for holidays. Himbara’s celebration that Uganda is not on the list show that he does not understand the motives behind. With political tensions and travel warnings already in place, without a significant airline, Uganda is not on the list.

Himbara also ignores a key point in the UK travel restrictions exemptions. Diplomats, government officials, media, airline officials etc… are all exempt from Covid-19 travel restrictions. Moreover, with regards to CHOGM, Himbara constantly forgets that UK is one of 54 countries and delegates will be traveling from their countries; not UK.

The fear that keeps Himbara up all night is that 54 governments and their delegates will witness firsthand Rwanda. It will make it harder for his lies and propaganda slogans and potentially stop his paycheques. The RNC terrorist militia and the Ugandan regime should cut their losses, government officials give no credibility to a mouthpiece like Himbara. They have embassies and envoys, and soon, they will be visiting Kigali.

Besides that, even if the commonwealth postponed its meeting, the venue would still be Kigali!

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