Unsettled CMI trolls hopelessly pick CAR as a new ranting subject

Funny how senile Museveni’s propaganda and misinformation goons in CMI have been yapping about the developments in Central African Republic. They have been trying, but in vain, to smear Rwanda and its leadership.

These goons are nervous. They have started to feel insecure as their sponsor Museveni a.k.a cancer stricken and arm-rotting dictator of Uganda is slowly revising downwards the budget that was thrown into them via CMI death merchant Abel Kandiho.

Reliable sources from Kampala State House have confided to us that despot Museveni, who is just waking up from extravagant and reckless splurging of taxpayer money on his rigged elections, is currently in a deep state of unease. He is frightened about how deep he has plunged Uganda into financial malaise.

The same sources revealed to us that he fears upcoming sanctions as debts are skyrocketing. There is a sudden need to address what he has deliberately destroyed to satiate his evil wills. Too bad it is too late. But how is it gonna solve his problems to deploy against Rwanda his propaganda and misinformation thugs – e.g. senior Munyampi Obed Katureebe known on Facebook as Robert Fati Gakwerere; or fellow lumpens like Sulah Nuwamanya, Seruga Titus and others on that desk?

Troll Katureebe aka RPF Gakwerere is hyper excited about the visit of the president of Burundi to the Central African Republic and “how they were protected by Burundi soldiers”(forgetting CAR President was under tight and safe protection by Rwandan soldiers RDF). It’s a sign of Kampala minions’ desperation to show excitement of a Burundian president’s visit, then attempting to discredit Rwandan troops! How are those things connected?

A reminder to the CMI trolls that RDF assumes the protection of CAR’s VVIPs, and that of territories under threats of rebels. CMI senior munyampi Obed Katureebe is just sourgrapping on the positive limelights, and accolades RDF is earning. That’s all. It’s nothing in comparison to Uganda UPDF soldiers and their looting, rapist ways in places like Somalia.

Dictator Museveni’s minions are so pathetic!

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