Lumpen Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere’s rants about Christopher Kayumba can’t distract from his masters’ crimes

CMI troll RPF Gakwerere is running around like a headless chicken. For the past few days, we have been treated to a pitiable and ultimately impotent stream of propaganda from senile Museveni’s deluded reactionaries, but this CMI-paid troll Gakwerere, who actually is one Obed Katureebe, takes the cake.

This lumpen never misses an opportunity to throw mud at Rwanda. The CMI goon who has an office at Uganda Communication Commission at the dime of the Ugandan taxpayer. Now Katureebe has taken aim at an ongoing legal issue in Rwanda. That’s the way of senile Museveni’s idle charlatans – always shoving their nose in Rwanda’s affairs with falsehoods.

He claims that Christopher Kayumba, a suspect in a rape case, is being “victimized.” But Kayumba is OK, contrary to these lies. A young lady has reported him to law enforcement authorities for rape. The authorities have taken up the case, as it is their duty. In Rwanda you are innocent until proven guilty.

But this munyampi Katureebe is intent on pretending otherwise. The question is, why can’t he address issues such as that of “drones” and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by his bloodsucking master, senile Museveni and the death merchant Abel Kandiho, rather than peeping into the affairs of Rwanda? With their drones, CMI or SFC abduct, torture, and kill people in the streets of Kampala in a broad daylight. They are lawless and terrorize their citizens.

But they are deceiving themselves if they think their smears against Rwanda will distract from their own crimes.

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