Jealous CMI troll Obed Karurebe is green with envy; Museveni’s militia isn’t involved in any high profile peacekeeping mission

Senile Museveni’s top anti-Rwanda attack dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Fati Gakwerere on his Facebook page, is venting out of jealousy because his boss’ militia has never been entrusted with a single high profile peacekeeping mission, let alone protection of VVIPs abroad. The best they could do is a gig in Somalia, where they have been called out for deviating from their original mission of reigning in Alshabaab terrorists. Despot Museveni’s militia have reportedly been selling fuel meant for operations, and raping Somali women. What a disgrace!

Troll Katureebe aka Gakwerere is jealous that Rwandan security forces have global standard credentials in relation to peacekeeping as well as combat readiness. They have been entrusted by the United Nations with very high profile keeping missions in different conflict areas of the world.

In his most recent rant, CMI goon Gakwerere was yapping about Burundi peacekeeping troops protecting their president who is on an official visit in Central African Republic. What did he expect? He ignored the fact that Rwandan security forces are the main protection force guarding key installations including the President of that country. Rwandan Special Forces, supported by Russian counterparts have managed to keep rampaging rebels from disrupting presidential elections and keeping them away from the capital, Bangui. While he acts excited to see Burundi forces guarding their president, his selective eyesight could not see that Rwandan security forces who have the permanent task of guarding the host, were actually protecting the entire entourage consisting of the visitors and the host!

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