RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara sides with character assassination

RNC terrorist militia mouthpiece David Himbara is an academic failure and a fraudster. After failing to pose as an economist and as an international relations expert, he is now showing that his expertise in law is also non-existent. He fakes legal expertise in his interpretation of what the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Rwanda wrote on his Twitter account in relation to ongoing rape accusations against one Christopher Kayumba.

The Minister wrote this: “to attack the character of someone who reports GBV is meant to silence them, make others hesitant to report. It fuels more GBV. Deal with the allegations of the specific attempted rape incident and leave characters out of it. You also have yours.” The message was for Kayumba, an accused person in a sexual assault case who had opted to attack the character of the accuser.

Himbara, unable to differentiate between the Attorney General and a Judge, finds it “inappropriate.”

But there is a difference between a Judge, and an Attorney General. But as a paid mouthpiece of a terrorist organization fighting Rwanda, Himbara will pretend not to understand why the Minister spike up as he did, for a whistleblower in a sexual assault case. He was violating no ethics at all, since he is neither judge, nor prosecutor in the case.

On the other hand, it is hardly surprising that Himbara sides with Kayumba in the latter’s blatant attempts to assassinate the character of one of his accusers.

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