Himbara pushes another pathological lie about the Rwandan leadership

The tireless RNC chief propagandist is showing for the hundredth time how much of a fraud he is, by giving a laughable interpretation of a supposed US President’s guest list, to an online conference on climate change. He then jubilates that “Rwanda is not invited” and concludes that there is a rift in US-Rwanda relations.”

Himbara thinks he can hoodwink readers, to fail to see that the AU, and the EAC, is represented by Heads of States currently presiding over their respective organizations. President Kagame is the outgoing chair of the EAC and thus it’s unsurprising he isn’t on the list of heads of state. Himbara likes nothing better than to push fraudulent claims.

It probably is something pathological.

One has to recall that Himbara forged his high school certificate, and plagiarized all his “pseudo” academic work. His real name is David Murunganwa. He bought grades and falsified documents to get to university. His lying became habitual.

Could he fail to see that African Heads of States were invited by virtue of heading regional blocks and by virtue of the nature of their economies (heavy mining, oil producing and climate sensitive economies)? No.

Furthermore, only 5 out of 54 African countries were invited, does Himbara mean to say that the US is drifting away from all other 49 countries in Africa? No.

Himbara, as ever, is lying on purpose – but also for pay.

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