Himbara jumps on bandwagon of slanders against American witness in Rusesabagina trial

RNC chief propagandist David Himbara is in shock after a real academic, Dr. Michelle Martin, exposed double faced pseudo-activists in her testimony in the FLN trial.

Dr. Martin was initially duped by Providence Rubingisa, a close collaborator to Paul Rusesabagina. But it backfired on the two purveyors of terror as the American academic documented everything, extensively exposing the evil plotting of Rusesabagina and Rubingisa. Dr. Martin revealed how the two men, and networks of genocidaires in the US and beyond were pretending either to be “heroes”, or survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

As such, RNC mouthpiece Himbara, similarly to hoards of apologists of Rusesabagina, are hell-bent on smearing Dr. Martin. They have invented a ludicrous story about how she is “an agent of Rwanda.” They are trying to discredit her testimony.

But Dr. Martin has receipts. She has emails of Rubingisa (whose pseudo charity group she volunteered for before discovering it was a front for terrorism). She has screenshots, attachments, text messages that show the inner workings of these anti-Rwanda forces. Also, she gathered some of this evidence while working with US law enforcement. She decided to work with law enforcement after discovering the true nature of what Rusesabagina and Rubingisa were up to: fomenting violent upheaval in Rwanda to take power.

Himbara obviously heard her testimony, and it looks really bad for Rusesabagina, Rubingisa – fellow travelers of RNC in anti-Rwanda terrorism. Unable to dispute what Dr. Martin has exposed with facts, Himbara had to resort to smears. “She is a Rwandan agent!” Himbara claimed, echoing the very lie Rusesabagina’s apologists are trying to disseminate.

Dr. Michelle Martin is motivated only by the truth, and by her conscience. She couldn’t in good conscience keep quiet after discovering (through volunteering for Rusesabagina and Rubingisa’s pseudo charity organizations) that in fact they were merely cover for organizing terrorism and violent upheaval. She couldn’t keep quiet in good conscience after discovering how they were helping genocidaires settle in the US, and actively work with them on their deadly project.

Himbara on the other hand is someone with zero conscience – a thoroughly corrupt, unscrupulous fellow. To date, Himbara has not yet explained where he found US$ 440,000 to pay Washington-based lobbyist group Podesta, to badmouth Rwanda. From July 28, 2014 to July 1, 2017, David Himbara hired and paid Podesta to also sanitize RNC propaganda.

Where did Himbara, a lowly teaching assistant in some Canadian university, get that money from?

Dr. Martin had described the harassment she’s received from cliques of Genocidaires and terrorists working with Rusesabagina. She described their “swarming” tactics with social media attacks and harassment with threats of lawsuits. In 2014, she was subjected to attacks by groups that bombarded her with a total of 15,000 tweets, many that included death threats, and her home address.

But she persevered, and has exposed them.

Himbara’s pathetic slanders won’t be the ones to stop this determined lady.

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