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Museveni’s trolls go nuts as witness exposes Rusesabagina, one of his partners in plots to destabilize Rwanda

There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing Museveni’s ‘abanyampi’ and useless propagandists getting palpitated as some of their master’s evil plans are being thrown in the air like rotten beans. These fool tremble like stray dogs in front of lions, and bark incessantly. 

It was the case of a senior nincompoop working in the offices of Uganda’s Communication Commission (UCC) by the names of Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, alias Museveni’s ass-kissing chump. He only does that to put food on the table, but the more he barks the more he exposes his master Senile Museveni the deceitful dictator of Uganda.  

The fool was touched where it hurts when he got to know that Dr. Michelle Martin, a well-known scholar from the US specializing in social welfare was testifying against terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina. The latter of course was a partner in senile Museveni in their plots of destabilizing Rwanda.

This clown “RPF Gakwerere” most probably was trembling as he followed Dr. Michelle Martin’s devastating testimony on Rusesabagina the boss of the FLN terror militia whose attacks from Nyungwe Forest killed innocent Rwandans. FLN has been exposed as working with senile Museveni’s CMI goons in partnership to destabilize Rwanda. That’s why RPF Gakwerere aka Obed Katurebe came out with an avalanche of insults against the Rwandan leadership, since it has managed to get Dr Martin – who in the past has worked with Rusesabagina and knows him inside out – to testify. 

Museveni’s goons like Katurebe are deathly scared of what she will expose which also implicate Uganda. 

A one Callixte Nsabimana alias Sankara, a terror suspect who worked under the command of Rusesabagina did not hesitate to mention the role of Museveni’s bloody security agency CMI, when he testified in court previously. Specifically, he mentioned practical support of Abel Kandiho Uganda’s death merchant in organizing meetings that were supposed to discuss how FLN’s could use both military and diplomatic support from Uganda.

Senile Museveni should sit down and see a pile of evidence implicating him in his anti-Rwanda campaigns folding in front of the whole world. 

Whatever his buffoon propagandists try, with each and every dirty insult against Rwanda as a means to divert attention or to cover his crimes, his bloody hand can’t be concealed forever.

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