RNC fake news specialist Himbara fears CHOGM in Rwanda

David Himbara, the tireless RNC propagandist has constantly attacked the organization of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Rwanda. One can imagine the meeting will prove fatal for the terrorist organization, going by how constantly and desperately Himbara has been propagating fake news about Rwanda’s hosting of it.

Himbara’s latest tall tale is that CHOGM will not happen because of “travel restrictions” by the United Kingdom “due to Covid-19. The fake academic, who used fake documents to get to university and plagiarized his way in life provably can’t understand that countries general travel restrictions do not apply to official travel.

For example, for security or diplomatic reasons, UK citizens are not allowed to travel to Libya. Yet that would not stop an official government delegation to travel for official reasons. Moreover, in terms of Covid-19 containment, Rwanda is amongst the world’s leading countries.

As Himbara fears what delegates will see during CHOGM, which will disprove all his lies for instance. He also seems to forget that the Commonwealth is comprised of 54 countries and that even before the pandemic, delegations – in such multi-national events – sometimes use technology to attend.

Himbara’s lies are already debunked by the mere fact that Rwanda, out of the 54 members, was chosen to host the event. All the negative fake news of Himbara and his terrorist group influence no ond. No one cares what a disgruntled academic fraud says.

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