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Terror propagandist Himbara hiding his pain at Rwanda’s brilliant diplomatic relations

Longtime Rwanda National Congress propagandist David Himbara is deeply unhappy that Rwanda received the visit of the President of EU Council, Charles Michel.

It hurts Himbara deeply when he contemplates that Rwanda’s leadership receives visits from global leaders. It pains him further when he thinks of his terrorist colleagues in hiding, who travel secretly and live in complete anonymity, with Interpol Red Notice over their heads.

Himbara gave up everything he had for the terrorist organization duped by “soon, we are taking over Rwanda” talk. He was certain of a quick victory. He kept on saying “in less than a month, I will be back as a Cabinet Minister or even as Prime Minister under armed protection”, a source close to Himbara quoted his delusional pronouncements.

Instead, for the last 11 years all Himbara has endured is a life of failure, always looking for hope in their lost cause. For all his effort to tarnish Rwanda, blogging tens of thousands of words per year, no one cares.

The President of the EU Council and many other world leaders travel to Rwanda for official and diplomatic reasons. The satire unleashed by the RNC propagandist is in reality generated by envy and jealousy.

He will fail again and again.

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