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Whenever his master comes under hear CMI troll Titus Seruga scapegoats Rwanda

Titus Seruga, the desperate Uganda Intelligence (CMI) Facebook mercenary based in Belgium is attempting his failed diversions to scapegoat Museveni’s failures on Rwanda.

Seruga, aka Serubwa, has failed to cover or explain the ongoing chaos caused by the murderous Ugandan regime that sponsors him. He had promised CMI Boss Maj-Gen. Abel Kandiho that he would do miracles for the ruling Junta in Uganda on Facebook but catastrophically failed to deliver.

The only salvation move that he can think of is a fake and insulting story that Rwanda wants to kill him to salvage his CMI propagandist job. Seruga says Rwanda has sent him women to seduce him. Yet, he declared for asylum in Belgium on the basis that he is a gay man who was being persecuted in Uganda for being gay.

All over the net, scenes of chaos, police brutality and massive repression circulate on Uganda but somehow he finds time to smear Rwanda.

After a failed asylum claim in Belgium and in the Netherlands, Seruga faces deportation back to Uganda. Twice, Seruga tried to seek asylum on the bogus claim that he was persecuted in Uganda for his sexual orientation. He went as far getting married to another man to cement his false asylum claim but Belgium authorities saw right through his lies. Deportation to Uganda does mean he will have to account for the money he takes from the Intelligence and at the slightest mistake, he would instantly face Kandiho’s whip in one of CMI torture dungeons.

CMI’s Facebook propagandist goes as far as to claim that Rwanda is looking to assassinate him with “witchcraft” in his desperation.

Clearly, Seruga has been in bed with evil forces so long that it now affects the quality of his lies. But then again, Seruga knows that he is writing to get Maj-Gen. Kandiho’s attention. We can only conclude Serubwa and Kandiho, both staunch believers in witchcraft, assume that their propaganda of state assassination by witchcraft makes sense to normal people.

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