CMI-RNC deadbeat dad insults the heroism of Gen Rwigema

The RNC deadbeat Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi posted on Facebook recalling the values of the Rwandan hero Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema as if he learned anything from them.

The dimwitted agent, who abandoned his wife and 4 children to join his part-time concubine Prossy Bonabaana has been busy conspiring to destroy what Gen Rwigema stood and fought for.

The RNC shamefaced terrorist Nuwamanya continues to induce terror and fear on Rwandans residing in Uganda through violence and extortion under the support of despot Museveni’s brainwashed security agencies.

The recreant RNC agent Nuwamanya should know that Gen Rwigema reflected the values of the Rwandan leadership to which he fought and died for unlike Wakabirigi who serves a terror enterprise hell-bent on disrupting Rwanda’s hard earned peace.

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