Museveni in panic as Rusesabagina set to reveal his efforts to destabilize Rwanda

The arrest of terrorist Rusesabagina has sent panic waves to Uganda’s ruler despot Museveni in fear that Rusesabagina will publicly implicate him for his role and support to FLN militia to wreck terror on Rwandans.

As a result, the prostate cancer-dying Museveni has unleashed his toothless barking dog Obed Katureebe that masquerades as Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook to come up with all sorts of lies as a move to divert attention from Museveni’s recruitment, training, arming and deploying Rusesabagina’s created FLN militias.

Also, tyrant Museveni’s pants are shaking in fear that the revelations to be made in Rusesabagina’s trial will prompt many questions from the international community on his role in destabilizing the region by arming terror groups.

Unlike the brutal murder of suspected criminals in tyrant Museveni‘s Matooke Republic, Rusesabagina is undoubtedly being treated very well and in good health as he has told local and international media.

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