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Hopeless Nuwamanya goes hysterical after hostile campaign against Rwanda flops

His post lately under the pseudo names of Robert Fati Gakwerere on Facebook where he claims Rwandans defending their country are wasting their time is a typical example of how Sulah has become a bipolar patient. It has taken him longer to realize his hostile and negative campaign against Rwanda were hitting a dead end from time to times. 

Well, Sulah the CMI deadbeat will have to concentrate on Uganda’s NRM failures especially in these critical period where internal conflicts and critical division at the heart of the party are ripe than ever before. Probably, he wished he could tell his paymaster skinny Kandiho to change focus and put more emphasis on Museveni’s failing campaigns that are overwhelmed by People Power new dawn of revolution.

The CMI lousy mouthpiece Sulah Nuwamanya has been a troubled man lately. He has turned paranoid after knowing Uganda and particularly CMI is not going to protect him longer. He has been responding to numerous summons by Justices who wish well for Uganda and no longer spends two consecutive nights at his Matungo plot. 

A good reminder that should Sulah Nuwamanya be convicted on charges fronted against him in Uganda, Rwanda will still be taking care of his abandoned wife and children. Rwanda government is generous like that. However, it might not surprise any, if the same Sulah is killed or disappeared like that, blame skinny Kandiho’s approach of dealing with useless idiots

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