CMI’s Katureebe misplaced rants against Rwanda expose further health complications of his Ugandan Pay-master

CMI stooge Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is yet to come to terms with the reality that ill-wishes he has against Rwanda’s first family might hit Museveni’s family before. Even worse his rants make one to think about the health status of his paymaster Museveni and the results are strikingly shocking. 

Someone should remind Obed Katurebe, the CMI loudspeaker that his paymaster the inept and cancer stricken octogenarian Museveni has been on the final lap of his days as the leader of Matooke Republic. His likely successors (the epileptic Janet Mwesigwa Makumba Kataha and the drunko Muhoozi Kainerugaba) are physically not fit to take the wheel due to rampant health complications and lack of stable mental state to lead.

We understand that Muhoozi lately has been trying to meet his step mother to resolve their long-standing stalemate and possibly chart a future for Uganda in the event Museveni doesn’t survive Laryngeal and Leukemia cancers, but Kataha Mwesigwa Makumba Museveni assured him one thing. “I shall never discuss politics with you, you are not my son, you will not be my President. 

Muhoozi Kainerugaba has no base nor support from either his father or his step mother Janet Mwesigwa Makumba Kataha, he is like a lamb walking in a valley of wolves, he might be eaten alive by the power hungry fellows at Rwakitura. These are the stories Katurebe should be burning his calories for but the lame-duck opted to punch a metal bag therefore hurting himself.

But again, if one would echo Rwanda’s Head of State statement while responding to his bad-wishers, he would indeed tell Katurebe that “You wish death for your step-mother and it ends up taking your mother.”

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