Despot Museveni’s sponsored terror groups commit atrocities in Beni, Bunia, and Ituri

If there is anyone who would fear setting his foot on the Democratic Republic Congo’s soil is the arm-rotting dictator Museveni. The Congolese people will live to mourn the horror, hardships went through at the hands of Museveni’s army UPDF and his sponsored militias ADF, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, FLN, RNC, and the P5 Group.

It is now an open secret that Museveni uses proxies to fight his wars in order to advance his hegemonic ambitions in the region as he self-proclaim to be the ‘Godfather of African politics’.

Speaking of crimes against humanity in the DRC, Museveni’s forces both the army and sponsored terrorist groups have killed thousands of innocent Congolese nationals. The last two decades will go down in the Congolese history as ‘Dark’ owing to unrelenting atrocities and other war crimes committed by Museveni’s forces.

The recent International Crisis Group’s report implicates Uganda in the ongoing atrocities in the Ituri. The report reveals that Museveni secretly works with various ethnic and rebel groups to destabilize Ituri. Among the groups, he sponsors are Congolese Rally for Democracy, the Kisangani Liberation Movement, Nande group, led by former rebel leader Mbusa Nyamwisi and one Yves Mandro Kahwa Panga (known as “Chief Kahwa”) among others. The rebel leaders have been traveling to Kampala for meetings and collecting finances to sustain their terror attacks.

The cancer-stricken dictator Museveni has also been implicated in war crimes committed in Bunia and Beni region in the DR Congo. His funded militia ADF is mentioned in the recent killings of over 2,000 Congolese nationals and the displacement of over 200,000 others.

Relatedly on Museveni’s crimes in the DR Congo, his army broke all records with regards to looting the resources in the mineral-rich country. In the operations headed by his own brother Gen Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh, Uganda stole millions of tonnes of gold, diamond, and other minerals. Museveni’s forces deforested almost the entire Congolese territory to become Africa’s number one Timber export.

The International Court of Justice ruled that Museveni should pay10 billion US dollars as fine for looting the DR Congo resources. The ruler of the Matooke Republic is yet to disburse the money being one of the reasons for dodging the anticipated regional security meeting supposed to take place in Goma, DRC.

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