CMI troll Katureebe resurrects to cover his paymaster’s tracks as he loses control over Uganda

CMI funded troll Obed Katureebe who masquerades as a public servant at Uganda Communication Commission ion (UCC) has resurrected on Facebook with his anti-Rwanda smears diverting attention from an ongoing social unrest in Uganda. Katureebe had been in hiding after learning that Ugandan Police was hunting down people who benefited from COVID-19 Fund’s stolen money. Remember he’s being paid on the same funds to slander the Rwandan leadership.

The nincompoop alleges that President Kagame hunts down innocent referring to the recent arrest of a renowned terrorist Paul Rusesabagina who’s been working with Despot Museveni to destabilize Rwanda.

Speaking of abduction, killing innocent people, Ugandans will live to regret having allowed Museveni to power. The arm-rotting Dictator entertains killing his political rivals whilst the lucky ones are abducted and tortured. People Power / NUP’s diehard Moses Kibalama is the latest victim of Museveni’s dirty pool.

As Uganda prepares for 2021 polls, the cancer-stricken Dictator mounted a manhunt on whoever he perceived as threat to his lifetime presidency.

Calling Rwandan leaders names won’t deter Ugandans’s zeal to send Museveni back to Rwakitura.

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