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CMI-RNC dimwitted agent Nuwamanya fumes over fellow terrorist’s denied bail

The CMI Mutungo safe house based agent Sulah Nuwamanya is crying wolf after the court in Kigali denied bail to terrorist Rusesabagina, who’s being charged with over 13 counts of terrorism committed on the Rwandan Soil.

Being a member of RNC terror outfit Sulah is panicking waiting for his day in court. With his small brains, Sulah thinks terrorism crimes are too light to be tolerated by the Rwandan judiciary; little does he know he will soon face the same charges.

The nincompoop father of four abandoned children and a wife takes his small Facebook audience for a ride when he alleges that Rusesabagina, who brought himself to Rwanda, was kidnapped. The deadbeat dad forgets the country that protects him has been abducting, torturing, and killing innocent Rwandan nationals without charging them in the courts of law. He should applaud Rwanda’s respect to the rule of law where high profile criminals like Rusesabagina, Nsabimana Callixte ‘Sankara’ are given fair and transparent trials.

The panicked Sulah is aware that his days are numbered, after being used in the persecution of innocent Rwandans; Uganda will soon dump him and will be extradited to face his terrorism charges.

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