Dictator Museveni’s freedom of speech claim is total abracadabra

Dear Bazukulu of the Munyarwanda denying dictator

Whenever Uganda is faced with chaos and violence like what we have been experiencing in the just concluded bloody NRM primaries, the cancer-stricken despot Museveni deploys his mouthpieces to cover his tracks and divert Ugandans’ attention from holding accountable for his despicable crimes.

One of the CMI funded attack dogs Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook showers tyrant Museveni with praises on the so-called freedom of speech. He conceals the fact that the Matooke republic ruler has killed journalists and political activists who aired divergent ideas on how their own country should be ruled.

Recall despot Museveni jailed activist and university don Stella Nyanzi for 18 months in prison over trumped-up charges of ‘cyber harassment against the president’. Museveni uses the state machinery to persecute the journalists. His SFC goons clobbered to death awarding-winning photo-journalist James Akena when he was covering the bloody Arua by-elections in 2018. The Reuters’ Akena is now confined in a wheelchair.

The diapers-wearing dictator has polarized the country; he created ethnic blocks and institutionalized corruption, nepotism where all country resources are allocated to a single tribe (Bahima) leaving out over 39 others in destitution.

The cancer-stricken ruler shows off with his incoherent speeches on social media while Uganda’s economy is crumbling, Ugandans can’t afford the rising cost of living; thousands have succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic due to his mishandling and looting of medical equipment meant to save Ugandans’ lives.

Katureebe’s fictitious slanders against the Rwandan Head of State will not clean up Museveni’s 35-year old mess; neither will it fix his leadership failures. The rising of political tensions in Uganda is the manifestation that the regime is falling soon.

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