CMI Facebook Pay Per Post troll Serug’s fictional garbage about Rwanda laughable

Dear Bazukulu of the Matooke Republic,

Your arm-rotting tyrant has just showed you what his rotting arm is still capable of doing in what he calls “scientific” elections. In his rotten NRM primary election, we all saw the death and chaos starter, his main dish (the 2021 election) will be even bloodier.

As usual, he counts on silly distractions to easy your pain. Using one of his tool, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa, he is busy trying to create a fallacy that the President of Rwanda is using video montage when addressing the public. Rwanda’s stability, its development and sound leadership makes your frail cancer afflicted tyrant angry. He cannot digest the comparison hence he keeps asking his tool paid by CMI to write fictional garbage against Rwanda.

Here are a few facts he wants you to forget; yes, a minister in his government shot and killed people, and if his goons in NRM are not safe from violence, what do you think he will do to you?

NRM is a divided house burning out of control. Not so long ago, Serubwa was campaigning for Tumukunde but we all know how that ended. Tyrant Museveni’s house is disintegrating like his body; even his step brother is fighting his daughter in law. Fictional garbage about Rwanda will not change anything; the tyrant can’t even have a peaceful family dinner. He can only hope Serubwa will entertain you until the next bloodbath.

Serubwa, meantime, continues to enjoy his CMI cheques. All he has to do is come up with crazy stories while Ugandans are butchered by a rotten arm.

Dearest Bazukulu, pray for the arm to fall off!

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