Dictator Museveni panics about beans terrorist Rusesabagina will spill

Dear Bazukulu of the Munyarwanda denying dictator,

As the Arm-rotting dictator has vowed to kill anyone deemed an obstacle to NRM’s victory ahead of the 2021 general elections. His Facebook attack dog Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere diverts attention from the ongoing chaos and violence in the election primaries in which Ugandans’ choices signal an end to the 35-year old corrupt, brutal and murderous regime.

On Katureebe’s abduction accusations, his small audience should be reminded that Terrorists Nsabimana Callixte and Paul Rusesabagina were never kidnapped; they were arrested based on their international arrests warrants and cooperation between Rwanda and foreign states actors. What hurts and irks Despot Museveni is to see his ‘Destabilize Rwanda’ project allies’ world being narrowed, and seeing them handcuffed, being arraigned before courts of law. Museveni fears more beans are to be spilled about his ill-conceived agenda on Rwanda.

In a move to project Museveni’s killings to the Rwandan Head of State, Katureebe concocts a list of people who died of natural causes and blames it to President Kagame. The CMI paid agent reminds Ugandans how paranoid Museveni has killed innocent Wanainchis without spearing his own bush-war comrades who put him in power.

A quick reference is made on Brig Noble Mayombo, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Gen Kasirye Gwanga, the gallant officers succumbed to poison by Nakasongola Lab chemists after they differed with Museveni on the plan of installing his Genetically Modified LDU General Drunko son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as next president of Uganda.

Museveni’s track record as a serial killer speaks for itself, in just a week, Museveni’s Nakasongola Lab agents killed 4 UPDF generals. Maj Gen Erick Mukasa, Brig-Gen Victor Maregano Twesigye, Brig Gen Bell Tushabe, and Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga. All these generals were pro-change and had opposed Museveni’s plan to turn Uganda into a monarchy (“the Muhoozi Project”).

Museveni shamelessly descended on young activists and political aspirants like Rita Nabukenya, Yasin Kawuma, Hannington Ssewankambo aka Sweet Pepsi of the People Power movement. He even issued orders to kill his pregnant concubine Susan Magara, Maria Nagirinya, the 23 women gruesomely killed in the outskirts of Kampala among others.

CMI paid mercenary Katureebe’s invent smears against the Rwandan leadership will not bear fruit; Ugandans know who their real enemy is and have recently exhibited the zeal to eliminate him and his cartels.

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