CMI troll Katureebe’s claims on Rwandan president health have left many in stitches

Dear Bazukulu of the Arm-Rotting Dictator Museveni,

The ruler of the Matooke republic through his favorite Facebook mercenaries Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere and Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi is trying to project his worsening health condition to the Rwandan Head of State. His paid mouthpiece is recycling a collapsed narrative that President Kagame is not in good health.

Even a layman would debunk Katureebe and Co’s illogical claims. President Kagame is of course in good health and has never been sick or admitted at any health facility. Just yesterday the Head of State took part in the virtual swearing-in ceremony of the African Development Bank – AfDB president Dr Akinwumi Adesina, in the same event President Kagame delivered his keynote speech.

Prior to that, President Kagame held discussions with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, UNICEF Generation Henrietta Fore, and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Unlimited High-Level virtual meeting.

President’s busy schedule can easily be tracked from his dynamic social media platforms, Katureebe and his paymaster despot Museveni’s premature propaganda should be treated as mere excuses and diversion tricks from a turmoil expected to follow Museveni’s death as he loses his prostate cancer battle.

Speaking of the bedridden dictator Museveni’s worsening health condition, his PR team led by Wanyama and Katureebe doctored a ‘push-ups’ video, a PR stunt meant to portray the dictator as an able-bodied man ready for reelection. It’s fitting to remind Katureebe that Museveni fell trying to enter his car and his ADC had to bring a steeping tool for him, the dictator had visited the electoral commission office. Poor Museveni, who can barely walk would never try a push-up exercise.

About Katureebe’s hoax of delayed Rwandan public servants’ salaries, the nincompoop should be reminded that Rwandan public servants’ remunerations are paid on every 25th of the month; on the contrary UPDF soldiers, Police officers, and members of LDUs have protested delayed salaries hence descending on Wanainchis to loot their properties. It’s in the guise of enforcing Coronavirus containment measures that Dictator Museveni’s partisan forces raided citizens’ homes, looted and stole money from those they termed offenders.

Recall that CMI deadbeat dad Nuwamanya continues to recruit RNC cadres for training but still, the criminal’s future is very bleak; he should be more worried about his master, the cancer-stricken dictator Museveni.

For the Bazukulu, the die is cast; you now have all it takes to denounce the 35-year old “one-man show” rule.

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