SFC deploys at UBC, Central Bank, CMI and Nakasero as a Military mutiny looms in Kampala

As the renowned CMI Facebook attack-dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere diverts Ugandans’ attention from an imminent military takeover of leadership in Uganda.

Katureebe, a purported public servant at Uganda Communication Commission-UCC, was instructed by CMI head, the skinny assassin Abel Kandiho to post, as much garbage as possible, about Rwanda to overshadow the news of the anticipated military uprising in Uganda. Sources have it that a section of powerful generals in the UPDF top brass have conceived a coup plot together with Presidential aspirant Gen Herny Tumukunde and Gen David Ssejusa Tinyefuza.

The country is total turmoil and panic as the cancer-stricken despot Museveni- who failed to wake up from his death bed, lost control of the country to the mafia gang. We have learnt of strengthened security in the capital city Kampala, SFC commandos have been deployed to the national broadcaster – Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (TV&Radio), Central Bank of Uganda, CMI headquarters in Mbuya and State House both Nakasero and Entebbe deployments have been doubled.

Ugandans could brace for a Mali or Zimbabwe’ like situation, all is happening behind the scene; Katureebe’s diversionary smears are meant to distract Ugandans’ focus from what’s happening in their country. Rwanda is settled, smears are only considered as crocodile tears emanating from a troubled arm-rotting dictator.

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