Sex-for-grade Professor Kambanda spins “The Chronicles” deleted tweet for CMI monthly paycheque

The renowned CMI agent Sex-for-grade professor Charles Kambanda has been intense scrutiny by Despot Museveni and Abel Kandiho over poor performance in their anti-Rwanda online campaign. The self-proclaimed law don is said to have been warned over imminent cancelation of his contract which has led to his renewed attacks spinning anything that happens in Rwanda as well as trading all manner of insults to the Rwandan leaders.

The level of idiocy with which the mentally unfit professor Kambanda concocts his lies is not only annoying but also makes one wonder if the sex enthusiast has ever stepped in a classroom. Speaking of ACP Lynder Nkuranga’s appointment, Kambanda recycled a tweet by one hostile online media outlet known as ‘The Chronicles’, but he did not realize that the struggling media house deleted the tweet and apologized for peddling defaming rumours which targeted the newly appointed officer for, of course, purposes to justify their funds received from foreign donors.

Kambanda who left Rwanda after raping women and begging for sex from every female student at the former University of Rwanda, has no moral authority to criticize the Rwandan appointees. A failure who sired children almost in every neighborhood of Kigali, fled his fatherhood responsibilities after failure to provide for his children and wives.

There is no single Rwandan who is too stupid to believe anything the failed law don says and his myriad of questions in his post will only be answered by himself. Rwandans have confidence in their leadership will never question the appointee’s wisdom; that’s left to the Matooke republic where the despot Museveni runs a country like a personal kiosk. Museveni’s appointments are premised not on merit but rather on ‘who is who’ in the Rwakitura empire.

The CMI pay per post baboon Kambanda should question his paymaster’s appointments. It is only in the Matooke republic where you find the First Lady doubling as cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, the Genetically Modified LDU General first son was the commander of the Special Force Command (SFC) and later a senior presidential advisor on security, the first daughters own almost every top performing venture in town, the brother made a general in the army serves as vice president behind the scenes whilst the in-laws are made cabinet ministers and controls the country’s private sector.

Rwanda is no such country where corruption, nepotism, impunity is a government’s endorsement like Uganda. The dull-witted sex-for-grade professor should take his unsolicited advisory services to his bedridden cancer-stricken tyrant Museveni.

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