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Pawns at CMI hit a dead end trying to smear Rwanda’s fresh Covid19 regulations

Uganda’s CMI loudspeaker on Rwanda Obed Katureebe a.k.a Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere has exposed his daft bitterness on Rwanda’s handling of the global pandemic (Covid19) by trying so hard to throw mud at the new regulations by Rwanda Government.

If one would try a simple look in a state that sponsors this hostile propagandist which is Uganda, you would see a despicable scenario. The situation has graduated from bad to worse because the government failed from the onset. The Covid19 curve can’t be flattened anymore, the cases currently standing at (2,679), are skyrocketing day in day out and death cases standing at 28 saw almost one case a day for the past 5 days. Provisions to cater for the sick have run out of stock, the promised government masks could not be mythical and the steroid injected leader of Matooke Republic ceased to update the public on the state of the pandemic, he was too late to find out, it was all bogus and made him look like a puppet.

It is also a bit saddening to see Katureebe ranting about Rwanda’s visibility on international scene unlike Uganda that has earned herself the good reputation of a Banana Republic, save for being a failed state with stinking corruption that has ruined every bit of state governance.

The desperado CMI stooge Obed Katureebe is a man struggling to keep tabs with his paymasters, whom he has been conning with every little thought that comes off his head and tread it as a propaganda against Rwanda. It is so sad to be lied in a broad-day light by a dimwitted propagandist like Obed Katureebe, Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Boonabana, Titus Seruga, etc.

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