On his deathbed Dictator Museveni relives UPDF’s humiliating defeat in Kisangani

Dear Bazukulu of the arm-rotting Dictator Museveni,

The ailing despot of the Matooke republic envies General James Kabarebe for various reasons that’s why you will always waken up to defaming posts by his nincompoop attack dog Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, insulting the General and calling him all manner of names.

General Kabarebe, a fierce fighter led a successful war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The main source of Museveni’s hatred to the general and the Rwandan army, in particular, is premised on UPDF’s humiliating defeat in the hands of the brave RDF soldiers in Kisangani.

The frail despot who’s struggling to catch his last breath on his deathbed at Nakasero State House still remembers how RDF soldiers led by Gen Kabarebe wiped out 3 UPDF battalions in Kisangani, capturing their armored vehicles, tanks, choppers, riffles and top UPDF generals including the then army commander Gen James Kazini.

Dictator Museveni’s hate for Gen Kabarebe also dates back in the 1994-5, he initially thought would turn him into a puppet just like how he did it to terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa. The tyrant’s ill-conceived plot was to use Kabarebe and a few RDF generals to overthrow the Rwandan government but we’re wiser enough not to fall for his antics.

Talking of Gen Kabarebe’s military credentials, Museveni’s jealous made him think he can create a ‘Kabarebe’ like General in the UPDF, he has been promoting his Genetically Modified LDU General son, year after year to make him a ‘four-star’ general with total disregard of the international military laws.

Katureebe should tell Bazukulu which war has Kainerugana fought that has earned him a “Lt Gen rank. First and foremost it contravenes the UPDF act; breaks fundamental provisions of the country’s constitution as well as the international laws governing armies. The only war we heard about is that of Somalia which turned out to be a PR stunt to bring the then little known President’s son Kainerugaba in the limelight. The Genetically Modified LDU General has never fought in Somalia; he actually visited a peaceful area under the protectorate of the UPDF. That’s where he posed around for photo-shoot with guns and goggles to hoodwink Ugandans that he took part in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

A clown like Katureebe and despot Museveni will cook up anything to defame Gen Kabarebe after having exposed them and their evil-minded agenda against Rwanda.

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