CMI troll Katureebe and Despot Museveni die in own movie after spreading lies on Rwandan President’s health condition

Dear Bazukulu of the arm-rotting Dictator Museveni,

As the ruler of Matooke republic tyrant Museveni fails to wake up for the third day after arriving from Nakaseke where he commissioned the pass out of the basic army recruits; fear has gripped the first family and those in the higher-ups over a probable demise of the tyrant.

Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook (masquerading as public service officer at Ugandan Communication Commission-UCC), is diverting Ugandans’ attention from terrifying happenings in Uganda to his fictitious slanders against the Rwandan Head of State. The CMI loony troll left many in stitches when he invented the death of the Rwandan President and later the former was seen chairing a cabinet meeting at his office in Kigali. With his childish fear-mongering tricks, the CMI puppet thought his small audience would believe his lies but they turn against him.

The Rwandan president is focused on delivering on his mandate, Museveni and his empty-headed attack dogs’ invented allegations won’t derail the President from serving the needs of his people. As for the passing out of cadet officers; Rwandan matters are not managed from the Ugandan State House, Rwanda is no such place where Museveni issues orders remotely.

For Katureebe, a president to be alive has to make as many public appearances as possible even that of presiding over giving out his political party colors painted bicycles, radios, make ‘push-ups’ PR stunts as well as appearing on national television every evening like the frail dictator Museveni. This begs a serious question of when Museveni discharges his constitutional duties.

The frail ruler Museveni has always wished to see Rwanda becoming a failed state after the leadership rose up to the challenges of his supremacy, and meddling politics. Museveni has had a bumpy road at the helm of ruling Uganda and wanted to export his leadership failures to Rwanda. Thank God, Rwanda did not fall for his tricks, the country is on the right course and its citizens’ are satisfied and enjoy the fruits of President Kagame’s visionary leadership.

Bazukulu, Katureebe’s insults will not deter Rwandans’ tenacity towards the cause of developing their country; they will rather divert your attention from renouncing the impunity, injustice, corruption, and the systematic killings that the cancer-stricken dictator has institutionalized in your country.

Bazukulu, it’s time to join efforts with pro-change enthusiasts, and put an end to dictator Museveni’s kleptocracy.

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